Tuesday, August 2, 2011

College Years....Those Were the Days!

This was our school, University of Santo Tomas, the oldest university of the Philippines. We used to walk this alley every single day. That particular building, the Main building, was where our classes were held and our laboratory work done. The big door in front was where we used to wait for our boyfriends, to pick us up to take us home.

This is one of our class pictures. In case you are wondering why some of us were wearing a black jumper with a white blouse, those were our PE uniforms.

We had excursions out of school. These pictures were taken at the beaches of
Matabungkay and Pinamuk-an.

 A lot of us joined the Sing-out "Up with People" singing group and we performed in many different places. This particular performance was at our school,  the University of Sto. Tomas.
We had excursions outside school but we also had field trips sponsored by the school. This one was in Antipolo. We always enjoyed the trips immensely, no matter what!
I think this might have been Baby's debut party. Boy! Did we have lots of fun during those dancing parties. The girls would sit on one side and the guys stayed together on the other side. As soon as the music starts, the guys would get up and go to the particular ladies they would want to dance with. The most fun I think, happens when a lot of the guys stand in front of you all at the same time, (we called it "Bakuran") clamoring to have that dance with you and you are left with a dilemma of not knowing who to dance with, sort of the opposite of a wall flower. Those sure were the days, the good old fun days!

How do you like those mile high hairdos? LOL!

We bade goodbye to a good friend who left for Canada, Aven, at Manila International Airport. He was our Sing-Out guitarist.

Prom night!

Graduation Day!

Looking at these old photos always capture a feeling of nostalgia. I hope you enjoy viewing them as we do. Thanks for stopping by!