Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Many, Many Thanks!

It's been exactly a month since the last batch of my classmates left and I tell you, they are all sorely missed, and yet, the memories linger.

Although, most of us were present at the reunion, not everybody was able to attend. Emily for one, had to go home to the Philippines because her mom had brain surgery. I am happy to share the news that her mom is doing very well. We missed you so much, Emily! We hope you can join us next year.

Another Spooks member, Rose, could not make it either, because she ran out of vacation time from work, after accompanying her daughter and helped her move to Europe. Baby, however, was lucky enough to meet with her in Northern California, before she came here. The rest of us had some luck too, for Rose sent along with Baby, a box of goodies to bring to us. Thank you so much, Rose. Those empanadas were out of this world delicious! We could not wait to try them. We attacked Baby as soon as she arrived at the airport, to grab the bag from her. On behalf of the Spooks, I thank you! Hmmmm, now you are making me crave for them again, lol.

We have a few more members who we recently just located but they have never been to any of our reunions. Hopefully they can join us in the future.

Don't they just look good? Just looking at them makes me hungry, I mean the empanadas, lol. But of course, Rose and Baby look really good too:-)

I would also like to thank my hubby, John for being very gracious in welcoming my classmates here. Imagine, living with 8 females plus me for a whole week? LOL! He had to put up with all of our loud laughters and all the mess created while doing our numerous crafts and projects and all the non stop cooking and mess in the kitchen. Here he is, telling them about the history of Natchez. Do you see me taking his picture from below? I did not want to listen to the lecture anymore. I just wanted to take pictures, LOL!

After everyone left, his comment was "What a nice group!" He actually really enjoyed their company. He even joined us in doing water aerobics and came with us to New Orleans.
Thanks also to everyone who came, thanks for the unforgettable memories, the jokes and good laughs, the singing, the cooking, all the caring and sharing, all the crafts that we learned and free supplies too and all the presents that everyone gave to one another. I don't think I ever laughed so much in my whole life. THANK YOU! I miss you, guys!.........................................Christine