Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farewell Breakfast on Polish Pottery

We had a week's reunion and the time has come when it was time to leave. Two of the girls, Baby and Nel, left early and John was nice enough to offer to take them to the airport. They left the house at 5 AM. As soon as I bade goodbye to them, I set the table in the kitchen and cooked breakfast while the others were still sleeping.

Just a simple setting with no layering, after all, it is for breakfast, so no salads here. I mixed 2 patterns of Polish Pottery plates. I served Filipino sausage called longganisa and we like to dip them in vinegar and that is what those little dipping saucers are for.

At first, I used the origami swan that Jazmine, who was our origami making instructress gave me, for the centerpiece but I had to replace it with a fruit bowl afterwards.

 The ceramic teapot napkin rings were from Pier One, from a long time ago when I still lived in Florida.

I brewed hazelnut coffee and placed it in a Polish pottery pot on a warmer. The little pots contain condiments, vinegar and patis (fish sauce) and I placed vinegar with hot pepper in that ice cream cup on the right.

We had a typical Filipino breakfast, longsilog.....longganisa (sausage), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (eggs).

and cut up some watermelons

There were other things on our agenda that we still weren't able to do because our week was very hectic and we ran out of time, so we tried to do them that morning, such as blogging instructions. It was a very fast and short lesson. I hope they picked it up because I really want them to contribute to this blog.
 and Karaoke was another activity that we still had to accomplish.
 Then we had to go to the airport to return the rented van and bid farewell to the rest. Jazmine and Josie did not leave until the following day so I was not alone driving home, which was good or it would have me so sad.

Goodbye, Gatch, Tess and Elsie. See you next year! It's been so nice having you all!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Caricature Presented to the Wrights

To The Spooks: John and I would like to thank you for this beautiful caricature that you gave us. We love it!

My daughter, Tina and family with my other granddaughter AJ, spent a week's vacation here and noticed it right away. They both admired how well it was done and I totally agree.
 What a coincidence that we all picked the same color matting as what we already have on another frame, so I placed them along side each other, on top of the home office wall unit, where I spend most of my waking hours. That way, I get to see and enjoy it a lot.

BTW, I ordered the other art work from Maria of, last year for John's Christmas present. It is drawn with the name "John" all over. I had her copy John's Sevres eggs which you can see displayed right next to it. Didn't Maria do a great job?

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spooks Arrives in Natchez, June 2, 2012

We were all classmates in College and we were the closest of friends ever since. We are all from all the US, Canada and Philippines. We try to have a reunion almost every year in different places. This time, we decided to meeet at Christine's house in Natchez, MS. Shown here are Baby from the Philippines and Nelia from New Jersey while on a lay over at Houston airport.
Tess from southern California joined them here. They all came from different places but happened to catch the same flight in Houston.

Finally arrived in Baton Rouge airport, which is the closest airport to Natchez.

 Christine and John picked the girls up from the airport. Lyla from Indiana and Gatchie from St. Louis, actually arrived first.

We rented a 15 passenger van to accomodate all of us and the numerous luggage. As soon as we got to the house, we toured the yard and inside the residence.

We stopped and relaxed and used the massager when we got to the master bedroom.
 Then, it was time for dinner. We were all in awe at the dining table set up. We called ourselves "The Spooks" in College and Christine set the table using salad plates with ghosts on them, to represent the group.

The second batch arrived and shown here also are Elsie from San Diego, CA, Josie and Jazmine from Regina, Canada.
 A close up of the place setting.
 Here is Baby showing her place card.
 We all graduated as Medical Technologists although 3 of us pursued Medicine and became physicians. Thus, the centerpiece includes a microscope, a beaker and a graduated cylinder. It was really personalized for all of us. Thanks to Christine's tablescaping skill!
Gatch went straight to the kitchen and made us this scrumptious sweet and sour red snapper. YUMMMMM!

Christine made chicken tinola, a Filipino dish.

For dessert, Christine made Cassava cake, a native Filipino dessert, served here.

 After dinner came gift giving. Here we are happily showing off some of our gifts. Baby went to Vietnam prior to coming here and brought us gifts from there. SOOOOOOPPPPER!!!!!

Ly and Gatch brought all of us a jewelry set. Here's Jazmine showing us hers.

We have the whole week to look forward too. It's just the beginning and you can already hear everyone's laughter, especially Jazmine's, all over the house. It will definitely be a blast!

We have a few more members who unfortunately did not make it this time and we miss them terribly. Hopefully, they can all join next year, scheduled in Canada.

Thanks for stopping by! We are so glad we could share this special moment with all of you.

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