Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooks in California, June, 2011

Last summer, the group met up in Southern California. It was originally planned just for the Spooks to meet but it leaked out to the other Med. Tech batch and they all wanted to join and so it got big. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend because I had my mother with me and I had no one else to stay with her in my absence. Nevertheless, I was with them in spirit
Of course when they are all together, they eat, laugh and eat and laugh, lol. There is never a dull moment.

They should really be the one adding captions and descriptions to these photos since I was not even present there,  but their excuse is that they do not know how to blog. Oh well, we are having another reunion here next summer and one of our activities will be "Lessons in Blogging" and then, they won't have any more excuses after that.
I miss you all guys and I cannot wait to see you in the summer.

See how big it got? These are all University of Sto. Tomas  Med tech graduates of 1970
Tess and Emily both live in southern California so they see each other more often than the rest of us.

Hey girls, if you want to add to this (and I wish you would), please let me know and I can  guide you along.
So long.....Christine


  1. Christine, you didn't change much since college.
    You look the same, I think it is the way you wear your hair.And you didn't age at all. Wish we could be as lucky. These friends of yours are keepers if you've all stayed in touch after all these years. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Too bad you couldn't join them but there's always next year. Goodnight! Wishing you well, Nenette West

  2. I am copying comments from some of the Spooks emailed to me.

    "How can I say no to something beautifully done. It is a definite "yes". Thank-you.
    Good idea of teaching us how to blog next year.

    "Thanks Christine. Very well done. There is nothing I would change about it, if there is I wish you were with us. Maybe as we go along we'll learn how to blog and participate. Miss you and everyone.
    love always,

  3. Christine, I'm dropping by to visit from your blog, and I loved seeing this. What a fun group! I wish I could hang out with y'all because I know you girls have a great time together.



  4. What a wonderful group of friends Christine, you're so lucky to have them, wish we got together my friends and I from NY. You must have great fun when you get together! Say hi to all of them...now back to your tablescape. Hugs,