Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nel!

We have come a long way and so glad our paths always lead us to one another every now and then.
We were together in College and even joined the same activities such as Sing Out.  Those were really happy times, traveling to different places to perform. I always treasure the times that we would have pajama parties at home in Mandaluyong and all the parties held there.

 Then, most of us moved to US and we did not see each other for a long time and then like magnets, our paths crossed again. I am so happy for that because then we were able to plan annual or bi annual reunions since. The moments we spent at the beach house in Destin was unforgettable.
 Then you all came to attend my daughter Tina's wedding and that was so much fun, made the special day even more special and memorable, so much appreciated that you all traveled from all over for that. I could not even pick you up from the airport because I was so busy creating the bouquets and doing wedding preps so you took the limo to bring you to my house. And what a great help you all were before and during the wedding.

 The following week was a blast, another bonding in Orlando. Here you were at home during our oil painting activity.
 You are always so stylish and you never change after all these years.
 We all took a cruise to the Carribean and wasn't that a lot of fun?
 Just like I said, always so stylish!

 Touring the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins.

 I always have this warm feeling whenever I have you over at my house, here in Florida.
 Lyla and Anchit's silver wedding anniversary in Chicago.
 Red Rock in Nevada

 Even during sad times, we try to be there for each other.

 Finally, our latest reunion in Natchez.

Too bad I missed this when Baby visited but I am glad you all got together with some of our College classmates. 
 I hope your city recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy very soon. Most importantly, I hope you get your electric power back. Take care, my friend. Happy birthday!!! I hope you can find some way to enjoy this special day, in spite of the situation, and knowing you, I know you will. Love ya!


  1. Happy Birthday to your friend and wishes for a very blessed new year of life. Christine, you have such wonderful memories with your Spooks, that yes, you will always be.."For ever Spooks".

  2. What a great tribute! So well deserved! Happy birthday again Nel! God bless you and always keep you in His care!